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          Why IU Press Matters

          The Press will be an ultimate expression of the influence of the University in scientific and intellectual publishing. While thoroughly aware of its primary function—that of publishing the results of scholarly research—the Press will make every effort to balance its program with books in all fields of learning which will appeal to the intelligent general reader. The Press will endeavor to extend the University’s teaching and research beyond the library, laboratory, and classroom, thus performing a function of a university peculiarly important in a democracy. … While its interest will be wide, the Press is particularly concerned with the promotion of regional culture and literature in the Midwestern area.

          —Herman B Wells, 1950

          IU Press is nothing less than one of the intellectual treasures of Indiana University.

          —Alvin H. Rosenfeld

          How proud we are in Bloomington to see IU Press products praised not only across Indiana but also around the country. IU Press publications represent outstanding authors and their diverse subjects from fields of academic research to our beloved Hoosier sports.

          —Gayle Cook

          IU Press is one of Indiana University’s strongest assets. In many areas, it is amongst the most highly regarded in the nation and the world. Many of its books are by the finest minds and most renowned scholars publishing today.

          —Patrick McNaughton

          A great Press is a necessary component of a great university and, now more than ever, a necessary force in the intellectual life of our time.

          —Henry Glassie

          If we are going to live responsibly and alertly, we need to know our home ground—its geography, wildlife, history, and culture—and no publisher offers a greater abundance of such knowledge than Indiana University Press.

          —Scott Russell Sanders

          The work done by this distinguished Press is essential to the future of philosophical thought in the Anglophone world. Philosophers everywhere are in the debt of the energetic and imaginative leadership Indiana University Press has shown.

          —John D. Caputo

          IU Press is a tremendous resource for Indiana University and for the State of Indiana. Its highly professional staff brings out consistently high-quality publications that contribute to the vitality of arts and culture in the State and the entire country. I am proud to be associated with IU Press.

          —Thomas Hoback
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