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          A message from Indiana University Press about COVID-19

          A message from Indiana University Press about COVID-19

          At this time, our website will be unable to process orders. We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured our books are still available for purchase through our online retail partners.


          A Message from Indiana University Press Director Gary Dunham

          To our authors, readers, and business partners:

          Effective immediately through the first week in May, the staff of Indiana University Press will be working remotely. This action is being taken in accordance with the advice from Indiana University President Michael McRobbie and is part of a campus-wide effort to maintain social distancing amid the spread of the coronavirus.

          Let me assure everyone that we are still completely open for business and do not anticipate delays in communication, the production and distribution of current projects, the acquisition of new books and journals, or the processing of orders. Thanks to the professionalism of Press staff, we have been prepared for such a move for some time now and are confident that our services and commitment to the highest quality in publishing will continue without interruption.

          A number of academic conferences in our key publishing areas have been canceled, so our acquisitions team is hosting virtual meetings for our Film, Media, and Performance Studies and Irish Studies subject areas on April 1–3. These virtual meetings will provide access to the resources that would have been otherwise available at the conferences.

          Due to the current transitioning of many faculty to online courses, we may experience some delays in receiving reports from affected faculty who are serving as peer reviewers. In addition, with many uncertainties in the global market, delays in receiving your packages may occur. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have questions, and we will work to resolve them as soon as possible.

          For more information about Indiana University’s responses to the COVID-19 situation, please visit coronavirus.iu.edu.

          We look forward, as always, to working with you in the weeks and months ahead.

          Stay well.


          Gary?Dunham, PhD
          Director, Indiana University Press

          Indiana University Press

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